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Managing Your IT Environment. Is Virtualization Right For Your Organization?

Why a Business Should Consider a Thin Client Solution

HP Thin Client Solutions. Rethink Cloud Computing.

HP t610 Flexible Thin Client Series


Managing Your IT Environment.

Is Virtualization Right For Your Organization?

Virtual work environments, flexible schedules, and a mobile work force have changed the way companies conduct business. The new business environment prompted many industries and companies to examine how they support this new working model from an IT perspective. End-users want devices that complement their work style and support when they need it. IT professionals are challenged with balancing end-user support, managing the IT budget, meeting cyber security requirements and compliance regulations. How can IT professionals stay ahead and manage their IT environment without compromises?         


Consider setting up a virtual desktop environment and manage your end-users at the server level from your data center. The clients can be remotely configured and managed. Software updates, virus scanning, and patches can be executed on the server.  


Thin clients are fast and easy to deploy-they can be out of the box and set up in less than ten minutes. The client hardware has fewer points of failure and is less susceptible to viruses and malware. The clients connect to servers via web browsers or remote desktop software. Depending on user needs, client desktops can be simple single-application kiosks or a flexible and familiar Windows environment.  


Need a desktop virtualization plan?  

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Why a Business Should Consider a Thin Client Solution.

Thin clients are the ideal solution for today's healthcare, government, industrial, retail, financial, and education industries if the operation is facing such issues as:


* Reduced budgets and desktop replacement costs

          - 50% less hardware and software cost

- 48% lower total cost of ownership compared to traditional PCs 

          - 80% energy cost reduction

          - Lower IT staff costs

* Network security

          - 27% data breach from stolen desktops and laptops

* Data access to mobile or remote workers

          - 87% reduction in set-up time

          - Set-up one time/new users plug and play

* Supporting application hardware on diverse hardware

* Ensuring data is accessible and secure


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Thin Clients enhanced security, streamlined manageability, reliability, energy efficiency and lower cost-of-ownership.


HP Thin Client Solutions.  Rethink Cloud Computing.

Innovative, reliable, secure. HP Thin Clients deliver real business results for your virtual computing world.

ZERO CLIENT- PCoIP Zero Client:     

The easiest, no management PC-like computing experience is at your fingertips. HP Zero Clients are an ideal, low-cost-per-seat computing solution for your business or school.



 SMART ZERO CLIENT - Simple and Affordable   


Simple, reprogrammable and affordable, HP Smart Zero Clients support multiple protocols and can be reprogrammed on the fly, giving your virtualized environment the flexibility it needs.



FLEXIBLE CLIENT - Expandable PC Performance 

Performance and flexible alternatives to the PC. Hp Flexible Thin Clients deliver a feature-rich thin client with significant performance and smart design.



MOBILE CLIENT - Enhanced Mobile Security 

Thin Client on-the-go. You get the benefits of notebook mobility with the manageability and security of a thin client.



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Software Virtualization Partners



Desktop and application virtualization solutions, built on VMware View, create a more flexible and secure business IT infrastructure so you can quickly respond to changing business and end user needs.  Increase profitability by driving down costs, reducing risk and improving worker productivity when you deliver desktops as a managed service from the datacenter. Learn More.



Businesses of all sizes are looking to leverage the benefits of desktop virtualization. Citrix VDI-in-a-Box is an easy, affordable, all-in-one desktop virtualization solution that makes the benefits of desktop virtualization available to every business. Learn More.


Citrix XenDesktop lets you deliver on-demand virtual desktop and applications anywhere your users work, anywhere your business takes you, to any type of device, bringing unprecedented flexibility and mobility to your workforce. XenDesktop unlocks the full productivity and creativity of every worker while helping the entire organization adapt rapidly to new challenges and opportunities.  Learn More. 



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Microsoft Virtual Desktop Infrastructure VDI is an alternative delivery model that allows users to access secure and centrally-managed desktops running in the datacenter. Users can get to their desktops from any authorized connected device, improving the ability to be productive even in the case of a disaster. Microsoft VDI offers enterprises with tremendous value by providing a high performance virtual desktop platform while reducing the cost of deploying virtual desktops. Learn More.




     HP t610 Flexible

  Thin Client Series

HP t610 Thin Client

Designed for security with breakthrough performance.

  • Advanced technology, high-end deployment
  • Flexible alternative to the PC
  • Exceptional security
  • Easy Setup and Management

The HP t610 Flexible Series Thin Clients deliver added security, broad expansion options and a PC-like multimedia experience for virtualized desktops. A flexible, two-form factor solution with one powerful boost in performance.


The HP t610 offers dual-core CPUs as standard, and graphics cards that offload computing from the server to the chipset, enabling users to easily stream multimedia and work with high definition (HD) graphics. The HP t610 also enables use of multiple monitors and remote connections. The t610 Flexible Thin Client Series are the first thin clients to offer a TPM on the BIOS for hard encryption, and are NIST compliant, making them ideal for high security settings such as government, healthcare and financial services.


The new offerings will be available for first customer shipments in April 2012.


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Download the HP t610 Flexible Thin Client Series Datasheet



Technical Review
HP t610 Flexible
Thin Client Series  

Operating Systems:

  • Genuine Windows® Embedded Standard 7
  • Genuine Windows® Embedded Standard 2009
  • HP ThinPro
  • HP Smart Zero Technology

System Memory:

  • 2 GB DDR3 1600 MHz standard (expandable up to 4 GB)


  • AMD Radeon HD 63202 graphics. AMD FirePro™ 2270 Multi-View Professional Graphics dual-head graphics card (for up to four digital monitor output) available as factory-installed option on PLUS models only.

Dimensions (WxDxH): 

Standard chassis (vertical orientation)

  • Without stand: 8.7x1.6x9.4 in (22x4x24 cm)
  • With stand: 8.7x1.6x9.9 in (22x4x25.1 cm)  

PLUS chassis (vertical orientation)

  • Without stand: 8.7x2.6x9.4 in (22x6.5x24cm)
  • With stand: 8.7x2.6x9.9 in (22x6.5x25.1 cm)



Standard chassis (vertical orientation)

Without stand: 3.42 lbs (1.55 kg)


PLUS chassis (vertical orientation)

Without stand: 4.365 lbs (1.98 kg)

With stand: 4.497 (2.04 kg)


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Download the HP t610 Flexible Thin Client Series QuickSpecs Specification Datasheet




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