Big Data Solutions

The nature of the data in which enterprises capture, store and analyze is changing. Enterprises are challenged with managing the complexity and volume of their data. As technology and resources change, not all data fits neatly into rows and columns of a table. It comes from many sources in multiple formats and these large data streams are exceeding the capacity of conventional database systems. Finding resources to tame the volume, velocity and variability of massive data in order to analyze and profit from this valuable resource has become taxing. Enterprises must now choose an alternative approach to current conventional methods in order to unlock the value of their Big Data.

Hadoop is the answer.

HATTIE - Integrated End-to-End Big Data Solutions

HATTIE Intelligent Big Data Solutions

Implementing the right combination of IT hardware, software and analytical expertise is critical to successfully managing Big Data.

Are you ready to get more from your data but don’t know where to start?

Introducing HATTIE, turnkey Hadoop solutions designed, engineered and supported by A-TRAC and Cloudera. Our turnkey Hadoop solutions provide you with the hardware, software and professional services required to rapidly prove, deploy and scale a Hadoop based solution. Expertly engineered to meet your needs and changing demands.

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