Solving Technology Problems and Enabling Your Success

Who We Are

A-TRAC is a complete technology solutions provider. For over 20 years, we have offered technology solutions that organizations rely on to run their businesses. Our clients range in size from small start-ups to Fortune 500 companies in a variety of vertical industries. Our expertise and keen understanding of industry specific needs allow us to deliver the best IT solutions to our clients based on their unique requirements.

What We Do

A-TRAC provides our clients with access to expert account teams, innovative thinking, leading IT products and comprehensive solutions to help solve your most challenging technology demands. A-TRAC specializes in managing the complexities of delivery service level agreements (SLA’s), resulting in improved return on investment (ROI). A-TRAC is committed to our clients’ success and we work with our clients as a trusted advisor.

How We Do It

Industry Knowledge and Experience

Members of the A-TRAC team have decades of experience in IT procurement. Our dedicated account teams provide valuable resources to our clients at every stage of the purchase process. Our expertise and keen understanding of industry-specific needs allow us to deliver the best IT solutions to our clients based on their unique requirements.

Strong Relationships with Industry Leading Vendors

A-TRAC has long-term relationships with leading IT manufactures and distributors which enable us to expediently cut through red tape to solve our client’s IT problems--from assessing the scope of our clients’ needs to the technical acquisition of IT equipment, resulting in dramatic cost savings for our clients.

Resources to Make Managing Technology Easier

    • A-TRAC has a strategic distribution network that allows us to get our clients the technology they need, when they need it.
    • A-TRAC provides clients with the flexibility to work the way they want; through our dedicated account teams, our secure Online Store or a combination of both.
    • Our dedicated account teams have a vast amount of knowledge of IT products solutions and provide an unmatched level of quality service. They can assist clients with any type of request--from the most basic to highly complex.
    • All A-TRAC clients have access to the secure A-TRAC Online Store. The Online Store enables our clients to access to over 900,000 IT products. Online ordering through the A-TRAC Online Store is available 24/7. Using the A-TRAC Online Store, clients also are able to review detailed technical specifications, conduct side-by-side comparisons, check stock availability, build quotes, place orders, and track shipments. The A-TRAC Online Store provides our clients with the convenience, flexibility and peace-of-mind that comes from being backed by A-TRAC’s dedicated sales and support team.
    • A-TRAC provides flexible storage to handle our clients’ fluctuating IT needs.
    • A-TRAC offers same day delivery service for our New England clients via a fleet of delivery vehicles owned and operated by A-TRAC.

    Forward Thinking Operation

    A-TRAC is a dynamic organization that has its proverbial finger on the pulse of the ever-changing IT market. We constantly review and evaluate our product and service offerings to remain innovative and up-to-date. Our proactive business approach gives our clients a competitive advantage by ensuring that the IT products they are using are the optimum ones available to meet their needs at all times.

    Proven Track Record of Success

    A-TRAC works with companies across the United States—from FORTUNE 500 companies to small and midsize businesses (SMB’s) — to reduce SLA deliverables and increase productivity, on time and on budget. Our strategic partnerships, industry certifications and innovative offerings provide our clients with sustained business advantages, creating a roadmap for our clients’ success.

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